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Amazon experts with over 10 years of experience always at your side.
Fast results. Unlimited requests & content. Cancelable at any time.

What we do differently

The Amazon agency of the future

Unlimited requests, one price

You can set an infinite number of orders for us every month. The prioritization is up to you. The price always remains the same.

Start today, get results tomorrow

You will receive the first results tomorrow. Even content orders have an average delivery time of 24 hours.

Plannable investment without surprises

You determine the monthly investment once by choosing a subscription. There are no hidden or variable costs with us.

No contract commitment, no notice period

Our subscription model allows you to pause or cancel the collaboration at any time. You only use and pay us when you really need us.

3-day trial period free of charge.

At the beginning, you can test our service for 3 days free of charge. Only after this period, you will be charged for the subscription. So if it's not right for you after all, you don't have to pay anything.

Your benefits

It’s not easy being a seller on Amazon. In order to understand the processes, develop the right approach and ultimately sell profitably, you need to know what you are doing. This is what you get with our 360° consultation and you can also book practical implementation with us at any time.

But what makes us different?

The Netflix for Amazon consulting and content.

Ask us as many questions as you like and secure unlimited content – be it image editing, brand design, brand stores, texts or A+ content. Our service is like a flat rate for movie streaming. No more worrying about additional costs with every additional order or question – enjoy comprehensive creativity and unlimited support.

Like a flexible full-time employee.

Cancel or pause at will, use us at short notice and reactivate when you need capacity and support. If you take a break after 2 weeks, for example, you retain the remaining term and can use it flexibly. Save yourself the recruiting, administration, additional costs and risks of a permanent employee. With our cross-industry expertise, you and your existing employees will always stay innovative and informed.

Sign up and get started, faster than buying an T-shirt on Amazon.

Immediately after booking, you will receive an uncomplicated introduction to our project management, which you will understand in just 5 minutes. You can now start sending us questions and content assignments straight away and always keep track of pending, active and completed assignments. Track our work at a glance and adjust priorities flexibly. Agency collaboration can be that easy!

No wasting time in meetings.

In contrast to other agencies, where meetings often dominate working hours, we deliberately minimize them. Your advantage? Maximum efficiency, as our time is invested directly in your success. An optional initial meeting is all it takes – no time wasted, just results. Meetings are of course also possible on urgent request. After all, some things can be discussed faster and better in a meeting.

And this is how it works

Onboarding & define strategy

As soon as you subscribe, you will receive access to our project management tool and a detailed briefing.

You then use a simple questionnaire to inform us about the current status of your company, the challenges and goals.

Based on your information, we will work out all the necessary steps and a possible strategy and send them to you. You decide how we proceed, we advise you.

Create priorities & order content

Now we assist with the implementation, help with all challenges and keep an eye on progress. You can ask us any questions to help you make faster progress.

If you have booked the content flat rate, you can start creating content requests straight away. This process usually starts 24 hours after booking.

We work through one order at a time. In most cases, you will receive the first version for review within 24h-48h.

Conclude orders & implement strategy

You can always see at a glance what we are currently working on and what is next in line and adjust priorities with a click.

Our content team delivers the jobs directly via the cloud. You can check them, request an infinite number of corrections and then mark the job as complete,

In this way, we gradually implement the discussed strategy and get closer to your goals step by step.

Ask us all your questions via chat and get lightning-fast answers.

Add as many requests as you like to your Trello board and prioritize them.

Insights into our work

What our service covers

Our clients


Transparent prices.
No surprises.

You can change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Long contract commitments are no longer appropriate for us.
The 3-day trial starts automatically at the beginning, only after that you will be charged.

360° Consulting

Amazon experts always at your side.
  • Unlimited questions on all Amazon topics
  • Individual strategy
  • Private label consulting
  • Advertising strategy and consulting
  • Logistics consulting (FBA/FBM)
  • Internationalization consulting
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Average response time of less than 24 hours

360° Consulting & Content

The ultimate BOOST. for your Amazon business.
  • Everything from 360° consulting​
  • Unlimited designs for Amazon (one active design task at a time)
  • Unlimited copywriting (one active copywriting task at a time)
  • SEO optimization
  • Optimization of product images
  • Translations for other marketplaces
  • Branding & Corporate Identity
  • Average delivery time of 24 hours per job

Book a call

Find out more about how our subscription model works and how it will help you.

Recommend & earn

Recommend us to others and earn 5% commission every month for every customer you acquire.

Not quite sure yet?

Book an initial meeting in advance!

Voices of our clients

What our clients say

We are now at a completely different level, both in terms of sales results and the reach we generate via the Amazon channel. We are very satisfied with this and look forward to scaling even further.
Patrick Löchle
Interstuhl - Division Manager Marketing
Thanks to you, Amazon has become one of the strongest sales channels for us, continues to grow steadily and not only compensates for the traditional channels, which continue to shrink, but also ensures overall sales growth for our company.
Vanessa & Michael Krüger
Karl Krüger GmbH - Managing director couple
We have generated a 100% increase in sales in a short period of time, and that with manageable investments
Tobias Wagenblast
sporthoch2 - Owner and managing director
Ultimately, you just have to overcome your inhibitions to take this path and you will be successful in the end.
Christopher Kleiner
CATCH & KEEP - Founder & Managing Director

Do you still have questions?

Most frequently asked questions & answers

The annual costs for an employee are far higher than what you pay us. There are seasonal gaps in which you cannot fully utilize your employee. This is what our break option is for. It takes weeks to months for a new employee to really get started. We will process your first order as soon as it has been created.

No, there is no such thing. You can post as many requests or orders as you can think of at any time. There is no upper limit.

One order is processed at a time. One order at a time. You will then be sent the result. If you are satisfied, the job is completed and you can move on to the next one.

You will usually receive answers to questions within a few hours. However, we allow a maximum of 24 hours for more complex questions.

For orders in the Design & Content area, you will receive the first draft after a maximum of 48 hours. More extensive orders, such as the creation of a new brand store, take an average of one week.

Communication takes place exclusively in our project management tool. You will receive a detailed briefing at the beginning.

By saving time in meetings, you get the maximum efficiency from our collaboration. Compared to conventional agencies, we are on average 80% faster.
In exceptional cases and if it is faster than a written back and forth, video calls are possible.

If you don’t have enough work for us at the moment, you can simply pause the subscription – even in the middle of the month.
The subscription is always billed on a monthly basis. If you decide to pause your subscription in the middle of the month, the billing cycle will be paused. Your subscription will be paused and you can use the remaining days that you have already paid for at another time.

Our project management tool provides you with a template on how to create an order most effectively. You can add screenshots, links or a screen recording to your order so that we can understand your request as quickly as possible.

You can easily prioritize and structure your jobs at any time using drag & drop. You can always see at a glance what we are working on at the moment and next.

Our customers’ most common problems are based on a lack of experience with the Amazon sales channel. Our 360° advice based on the subscription model is perfect for this.

As a seller on Amazon, questions and problems often get in the way. If you have experts with years of experience at hand, you can usually solve the problems yourself. Our customers usually manage the implementation themselves and don’t want to pay an expensive agency for this.

Very often, the right content in terms of correct product data, product images, texts and additional content such as A+ content and brand stores is also missing. This is where our extended subscription comes into play, where we create this content for you.
As this content is ready at some point, it makes a lot of sense to be able to downgrade this service back to simple consulting at any time.

Our service is flexibly scalable and is always based on the permitted orders in progress. If you need more than one active order, let’s talk about it.

We can adapt any industry and any product because we have years of experience and can always get all the information we need. Our professional copywriters are psychologically adept and can empathize with any product.

Yes, we are familiar with most marketplaces on Amazon and can create texts and images in any language. For translations, we mainly use AI and the professional integration of language-specific keywords.

For example, an order in the visual area, of which only one may be active at a time, counts as:

  • Create the images for the entry area of this razor
  • Create an A+ area for this razor
  • Create a brand store for our brand XYZ

An assignment in the copywriting area, of which another may be active in parallel to the visual area, includes, for example

  • Create all product texts for this razor
  • Translate the listings for this razor for the Spanish, French and Italian marketplace
  • Revises my texts for this razor with the right keywords

Almost always! As everyone knows, Seller Central and Vendor Central have technical errors from time to time. We have walkarounds for most of them, but for new ones we sometimes need some time to provide a solution.

360° advice is a matter for the boss and as he is a workaholic, you will receive an answer within 24 hours at the latest. Normally this applies to working days, but it is usually also the case at weekends and even on public holidays. So you really do always have someone at your side.

We cannot guarantee satisfaction, as it cannot be measured objectively.
There is also no money-back guarantee. We always work at the highest level with maximum quality and have been able to make every customer happy so far.

Yes, we work with three simple tools for communication, order management and content delivery.
These tools are designed for businesses, are completely free of charge for you and work with any IT and on any internet-enabled device. You will be able to integrate this way of working immediately.

Because we work with many companies from a wide range of industries and deal with Amazon on a daily basis, we are always up to date with all the latest changes and opportunities. We also regularly attend masterminds and training courses in Europe and the USA.

While we here at BOOST. AMZ specialize in Amazon Marketing, our parent company BOOST. Digital Marketing Services covers a wide range of competencies.

If you need help with Google Ads, social media or with your website or online store in addition to Amazon, please contact us for an individual inquiry.

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